The Grundys gather cider apples from Grange Farm, and Ruth suggests to David that they leave Ambridge.

Radio Times: Some apples are not meant to keep the doctor away.

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  • David has offered to help the Grundys with their apple picking and is trying to persuade Ruth to come along, but she decides to stay and see to the children. David senses something is wrong, and Ruth is just about to tell him what it is when Neil arrives with good news about the dairy engineer’s report. The equipment is all in top condition. As Neil leaves, Ruth asks David to ease up on his overseeing of Neil and Mike.
  • The great Grundy apple picking session is underway. There has been a good turnout and Clarrie has laid on a picnic for all those who have come along. Mike and Neil discuss alternative uses of their strawberry field but Neil is insistent upon talking things through with Susan before making any decisions. Clarrie and Eddie are enjoying the occasion although Clarrie is concerned about the prospect of winter, and thinks that a return to Meadow Rise is inevitable. Eddie, whilst not actually mentioning his conversation of a few days ago with Jack Woolley, assures her that everything is in hand.
  • David returns to the bungalow after the apple picking is finished. Ruth and he talk about the events of the week, and the fall out from last Sunday’s family row. Ruth has been thinking seriously about things, particularly because of her changed priorities after her mastectomy. She feels that the upset the inheritance is causing within the family simply isn’t worth it. She and David could consider farming elsewhere in the country – have a fresh start, and be free of the tremendous mess that this row has left.

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