Tommy’s complicated love life is starting to catch up with him, and Kenton leaves Ambridge with fighting talk for Elizabeth

Radio Times: Kenton must fly today.

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  • It’s Kenton’s last day and he and Elizabeth are talking about the events of the last week – particularly the family row of last Sunday. Kenton seems to think that David is letting things slip a bit on the farm which is only worrying because of how Brookfield’s value could affect how much he and Elizabeth could eventually expect to gain. They agree that Elizabeth should try to keep an eye on things. Phil arrives to enquire whether Kenton is going to bother to say goodbye to everyone – particularly Jill. The atmosphere is pretty frosty, with Kenton definitely viewing the situation as one of two sides. He does however agree to visit the family later in the day.
  • Tommy’s love life is taking a further complicated turn, since he has arranged to take Serena – the infamous Beryl, the potato picker’s, daughter – out for a drink tonight. Tony warns him that he is treading a dangerous path at the moment but Tommy is not unduly worried. However, his reaction turns to one of shock when later at Mikado rehearsals he discovers that it is Lauren who has taken the part of Yum-Yum, predominantly because it means that she can see more of him – including tonight!
  • In the Bull, Phil is telling Tony of the family inheritance troubles. Tony is quite philosophical referring back to the recent differences between him and Brian after Tommy’s court case, which have since blown over, as these things do given time. A panicked Tommy bursts in begging Tony to make excuses for him when Serena arrives for their date. Tommy beats a hasty retreat with Lauren, leaving Tony to cover for him.
  • As he is waiting for his taxi to arrive, Kenton offers some encouraging words to Elizabeth. In true “vive la resistance” style, he tells her stick to her guns and keep fighting on, after all, this is for the children!

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