Tim and Soibhén sort out their misunderstanding and Eddie takes on some work for Borchester Land.

Radio Times: For Eddie, hurt pride comes before mending.

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  • Sid’s in an upbeat mood – he is just off to see his solicitor and is hoping for some movement on his access to Jamie. As for the financial side of things, he and Jolene are determined to make a success of the function room venture which should bring in some more needed funds. Not only that, the function room is their first real project together.
  • In the shop, Siobhén is telling Betty all about Brussels, and how when she returned last night Linda collared her for the Mikado. In the course of the conversation Betty tells her about the special meal Tim had planned. Siobhén feels terrible, and so when Tim gets home from work that evening, she welcomes him with a kiss, a glass of wine and his favourite meal. The misunderstanding sorted out they resolve to not let it happen again.
  • Brian is having a short break from the drilling. As he and Jenny arrange to eat out tonight Eddie arrives to ask about the apples at Grange Farm. Brian is reluctant at first, what with them being part of the Estate, but Jenny talks him round. Brian makes it clear that if Matt Crawford or anyone else for that matter sees Eddie taking the apples, he – Brian – knows nothing about it. Brian then offers Eddie some Estate work, fencing part of the river bank. Eddie, rather than jumping at the chance, is very hesitant and tells Brian he’ll get back to him.
  • All is made clear later in the Bull when Brian and Jenny are having their meal. Joe arrives and explains Eddie’s reluctance in working for Borchester Land, when it was them who evicted the Grundys from their home. However, they need the money, so Eddie will take on the job. Joe then asks Jennifer whether he can tell some of his ghost stories at her Halloween do. Jenny is not so sure, but Brian thinks it would be a marvellous idea. As for Joe, as long as there is a free glass of punch in it for him, he’s game.

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