Kathy starts to see sense over Sid’s access to Jamie, and Tim’s welcome home meal falls flat on its face

Radio Times: Is Tim’s goose cooked?

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  • Kathy is having a meeting with Usha where they are reviewing a reply received from Sid’s solicitors. After some straight talking from Usha, Kathy concedes that she is deliberately making it difficult for Sid to see Jamie, because of Jolene. Usha urges her to sort something out with Sid, otherwise the Courts may get involved.
  • At Willow Farm Mike and Betty are discussing Kate’s recent phone calls. It seems Kate wants to speak to Roy about him moving in with Haley, although what it has to do with her Mike and Betty cannot fathom.
  • A little later at Brookfield, Mike is complaining to Ruth about all the watchful eyes which are overseeing his milking procedures. It’s one thing to have Phil and David looking in on him but Bert Fry is a step too far. Usha arrives to speak to Ruth. On a walk to look at the cows Ruth tells of the family row on Sunday which has left Kenton not speaking to Jill. Ruth can’t be bothered with it all anymore as her breast cancer has left her with a different set of priorities. Usha, philosophically, thinks that a solution is likely to present itself at the right time.
  • Tim is expecting Siobhén home this evening. He has been to the village shop to get some special ingredients to cook her a welcome home meal, as well as purchasing two tickets to the Harvest Supper. He is half way through cooking when the phone rings. It’s Siobhén who, although back in Ambridge, has been collared by Linda to discuss the set arrangements for the Mikado. This evidently includes chatting over dinner, so Siobhán won’t be back for Tim’s special meal after all.

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