Eddie approaches Jack about renting Keepers Cottage, and plans to make some more Grange Farm cider.

Radio Times: For the Grundys, could finders be keepers?

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  • It’s the usual morning rush at the caravan with Edward getting ready for school and Eddie fixing up the tractor. He asks Joe to take over as he has some “business” to discuss with Jack Woolley at Grey Gables. The “business” turns out to be Eddie asking whether he could rent the now vacant Keepers Cottage. Jack has no objection in principle, although warns that the rent is £500 per month.
  • David is still moaning to Ruth about the inheritance business. They both agree that there is nothing they can actually do at the moment, but they will be much more settled when it is finally agreed. Eddie arrives in the hope that he can take some manure of their hands for his latest money making compost scheme but as Brookfield spread all of theirs on their land, he is out of luck.
  • Edward, who was planning to spend the night music making at Meadow Rise, has forgotten his key so is hitching back to Ambridge. Jack picks him up in the Bentley – much to Edward’s delight. Jack speculates that Edward’s recent involvement in the Mikado might have something to do with the number of teenage girls now in the cast. Edward agrees, but they both think that the girls might be more interested in man-of-the-moment Tommy.
  • Joe is rehearsing one of his ghost stories to Clarrie for Jennifer’s Halloween evening. Eddie returns from taking Edward back to Meadow Rise. Joe starts to panic when Clarrie suggests that they may have move back there for the winter. Eddie, rather than mentioning his earlier conversation with Jack, turns the conversation to cider. The orchard at Grange Farm is unused and full of apples, so he is planning to get some people together and make the usual Grundy cider brew.

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