The inheritance meeting turns into a full scale family row with nothing being resolved.

Radio Times: Troubles are inherited at Brookfield.

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  • The day of the inheritance meeting has arrived and Shula, Jill and Ruth are preparing the meal. When Elizabeth and Kenton arrive the conversation is somewhat stifled, though Ruth seems pleased to have been asked to draw the raffle for the harvest supper.
  • After the meal, but before the meeting, Elizabeth is angrily talking to Phil about Ruth’s presence. Phil however is having none of it – Ruth will be there whatever Elizabeth may want or say. Phil retires leaving Kenton and Elizabeth to confer about their battle plans.
  • The meeting starts with Phil outlining the current situation. Elizabeth tries to interrupt right from the start but Phil silences her. In no time at all the meeting has developed into a full scale family row. Kenton, having already had his inheritance, now wants another slice of the pie. Both he and Elizabeth want a secure future for their children. Elizabeth attacks Shula for not wanting anything at all. Ruth finally calls for silence and leaves the room having had enough. Elizabeth cuttingly remarks that at least only the proper immediate family are now present. David explodes at both Elizabeth and Kenton and is silenced only by Phil who tells them all the he and Jill are going to have to carefully think about things, though he can’t see that their decision from a few months ago is going to change.

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