Tim and Janet console each other after a bad day and Kenton tries to exclude Ruth from Sunday’s meeting.

Radio Times: Kenton sidelines Ruth.

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  • Kenton is over at Shula’s for dinner where the conversation surrounds the various adoption hoops Shula and Alastair are having to go through. Inevitably the subject of the inheritance meeting comes up and Kenton makes it clear that as far as he’s concerned, it needn’t involve anyone outside the immediate family including Alastair and, more importantly, Ruth.
  • Janet meets up with Tim at the end of surgery and persuades him to go for a drink. They both have a mutual moan about their respective bad days – Tim missing Siobhán who’s away a lot these days. Janet though has had one bit of good news – on Shula’s advice she asked Jennifer about using a barn at Home Farm for the harvest supper, to which Jennifer agreed. The proceeds this year are going towards a breast cancer charity and Janet asks Tim how he thinks Ruth will feel about coming along.
  • At Brookfield, Alastair gives the thumbs up on the cows, but wards David to be ever vigilant. He mentions that Kenton is not expecting Ruth to be at the meeting on Sunday, at which David is absolutely livid. Later at the farmhouse, David is still angry. Jill and Shula agree that Ruth should indeed be present on Sunday. David asserts that if anyone has no right to be present it’s Kenton, not Ruth – and as for Kenton’s suggestion, David doesn’t even want Ruth hearing about it.

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