Pat lays down the law to Kathy and, unbeknown to Tommy, Lauren gets the part of Yum-Yum.

Radio Times: “The Suns Whose Rays” dismays Tom.

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  • At Brookfield, Phil and Jill receive a visit from Linda who, after complaining about the mud on the roads, asks Phil to help rehearse some of Kirsty’s friends this evening in the hope of finding a Yum-Yum. Evidently Jill has invited Kenton over for supper and, after Linda leaves, Phil warns Jill about Kenton’s meddlesome plans over the inheritance. They agree to try and thrash the whole thing out with everybody on Sunday.
  • Linda carries on to Bridge Farm to tell Tommy that he will not be needed tonight. Pat assumes he’ll be seeing Lauren instead, but he opts for a quiet night in. When Kathy arrives without Jamie (thus denying Sid the chance to see him), Pat has a go at her – she feels that Kathy is not being fair to anyone.
  • The rehearsal turns out to be a disaster. None of Kirsty’s friends are suitable for a leading role. Linda is about to throw in the towel when another girl turns up. A quick audition has Linda almost overcome with emotion – the girl is absolutely perfect. And her name … Lauren!
  • Later at Bridge Farm, Pat again makes it clear to Kathy that they are not prepared to be dragged into Kathy’s battle with Sid over Jamie – other than that Kathy is welcome to stay as long as she needs to. Linda phones a disappointed Tommy to let him know that Yum-Yum has been cast, however Tommy does not yet realise exactly who has the part.

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