Phil is determined that Kenton delays speaking to Jill about the inheritance, and Jolene resolves to fight to save the Bull.

Radio Times: Kenton catches up.

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  • Clarrie and Eddie are having breakfast outside the caravan, although Eddie’s not feeling too much like eating, after over-indulging at Lower Loxley. Neil arrives, and Eddie tries to interest him in his latest scheme – making “organic” compost. Neil’s not too sure, especially as it would appear to involve his land.
  • David and Phil are clearing out the silage clamp and having a general chat about Jill’s party last night, including Davids worries about Kenton’s plans to sort out the inheritance issue. Phil is a bit slow on the uptake, but finally catches on, and is adamant that Kenton must not mention this to Jill – at least not for a few days.
  • Phil hurries to Brookfield to find Kenton talking to Clarrie, who has come to thank Jill for the party invite. Clarrie is filling in Kenton on the various ups and downs that her family have been through this year. When she goes, Phil makes it clear – despite some attempted smooth talking by Kenton – that it will be he, not Kenton, who talks to Jill first.
  • In the Bull, Eddie is still trying to persuade Neil to get involved some more in his latest venture. Jolene is behind the bar, pleased with the turnout for the Country & Western evening. Kenton comes in and is introduced to Jolene. More smooth talking from Kenton follows, and the conversation turns to Sid?s divorce settlement problems. Jolene makes it clear that as far as she’s concerned it is her problem too – and she isn’t going down without a fight!

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