Jill is delighted with her surprise birthday party, and Kenton reveals the real reason for his visit.

Radio Times: No one is too old for party games.

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  • It’s the day of Jill’s 70th birthday – and surprise party. Kenton arrives at Lower Loxley where Elizabeth hides him in Julia’s bedroom so that he can be a surprise for everybody. Later that evening Phil and Jill are on their way, supposedly to Grey Gables via Lower Loxley. Jill has had a lovely day although is disappointed not to have heard from Kenton.
  • The guests have gathered in the ballroom at Lower Loxley. The lights go down and everyone is quiet as Jill walks in. Cries of “Happy Birthday” follow as the lights come back on. Jill is left feeling quite overwhelmed. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Elizabeth reveals Kenton who hugs his delighted mother. David though, is suspicious of precisely why Kenton is here – he knows his brother of old.
  • Phil has his own surprise. He has rooted out an old ciné film of the Ambridge garden fete from 1957. There are lots of reminiscences about the old village characters on the film – Uncle Tom, Walter Gabriel – not to mention the youthful appearance of many of the birthday guests.
  • After the film show, Kenton, Lizzie, David and Ruth are chatting away. David asks Kenton why he is really here, to which Kenton reveals his true motive – he has been asked by Elizabeth to come over and sort out the Brookfield inheritance issue once and for all!

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