Sid’s in a fighting mood about the divorce and Ruth returns to bad news about the cows.

Radio Times: Elizabeth keeps a secret.

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  • Mike and Brian are down by the Am discussing the bank clearing work which Mike will be doing. When Mike mentions the help he is giving to Roy and Hayley in sorting out their flat, Brian asks where Kate fits into the picture when she returns. Mike is quick to point out that Kate has effectively removed herself from the situation, so shouldn’t expect to be built into the equation at all.
  • A paranoid Mike is in the milking parlour at Brookfield. When Phil, and later David come in, Mike is convinced they are checking up on his hygiene practices, as if they blame him for the latest cell count problems. David is adamant that he wasn’t checking up on Mike, although he does confess to not looking forward to telling Ruth when she returns later today.
  • In the Bull, Sid is in a positive mood, telling Jolene how he and his solicitor are going to fight Kathy all the way. Jolene tells Sid not to get his hopes up, and that he should be prepared for the worst if it happens. Sid remains determined – if the worst happens they can always move into Jolene’s cottage. Jolene then announces that she’s given notice on her cottage – whatever happens now, she and Sid are in this together.
  • Ruth is back from her stay with her parents. She gathers from coy remarks Pip has made that David has some sort of secret. He eventually tells her about the mastitis in the herd, and though she is clearly not thrilled about it, she affectionately says how it goes to show that Brookfield just can’t do without her.

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