Sid finds it impossible to see Jamie, Jennifer has a tree-planting idea, and Tony starts to feel the strain.

Radio Times: Where there’s muck there’s brass.

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  • Eddie’s over at Bridge Farm sorting out some casual work with Tony when Sid arrives to pick up Jamie. Evidently Kathy has already taken Jamie out for the day so a furious Sid goes up to the house to speak to Pat. Pat isn’t able to offer Sid anything other than telling him that this is something he should really sort out with Kathy directly. Sid eventually leaves with mutterings about seeing his solicitor in the morning.
  • Jennifer has gone to see Shula to talk about planting some more trees in the Millenium Wood. George has had an idea about getting into the Guinnes Book or Records for the most trees planted in a three day period, but to do that they need to buy more saplings – and that means fund raising. Jennifer has the idea of staging a ghost story telling event for Halloween at Arkwright Hall. Eddie arrives to check with Shula what time to arrive for Jill’s birthday party, and tries to sell Shula and Jennifer a patio at the same time. Jennifer is surprised the likes of the Grundy’s have even been invited!
  • Tony is getting fed up with the Sid and Kathy situation, and seems to have had enough of Kathy staying at Bridge Farm. He hadn’t expected it to go on this long. Pat is reluctant to say anything to Kathy herself, and thinks her and Tony should stay out of it, and leave it up to the lawyers.

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