Kate looks set to stay away for some time, Mike’s woes about the Grundys increase, and Sid may have to face losing the Bull

Radio Times: A bad day for Sid.

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  • Jennifer is in the shop buying some things for Alice’s birthday tea – just a small do with a few friends. Betty and Jennifer exchange a few grandmotherly snipes about Phoebe being possibly troubled over Roy’s move to Nightingale Farm, with Betty managing to get a dig in about Kate abandoning her baby. Jennifer hasn’t heard from Kate recently although is expecting her to ring as it’s Alice’s birthday. When Jennifer later drops Phoebe back to Willow Farm, she tells Betty that Kate has rung – she’s planning to stay out in South Africa for a while and wants money sent out to her for her birthday.
  • Sid is in a foul mood having received a letter from Kathy’s solicitors making excessive financial demands. He phones to make an urgent appointment with his own solicitor.
  • In the dairy at Bridge Farm, Pat tells Clarrie of her worries about two-timing Tommy, and how he seems to be following in his brothers footsteps. Later at Willow Farm Clarrie is in an upbeat mood telling Betty of Eddie’s plans to fix his new tractor. Mike comes in, and is generally grumpy about the whole Grundy experience, the latest downturn being the sounds of Eddie strumming away on Edward’s electric guitar. He takes himself off to the Bull, leaving Betty telling Clarrie how nice it is to have them around.
  • At the Bull, Jolene tells Mike about their plans for the function room – a juke box and general haven for the young people of Ambridge. Mike, predictably, is less than impressed. Sid returns from the meeting with his solicitor with nothing but doom and gloom. It seems that Kathy is going to take him for every penny she can, which could result in him losing the pub.

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