Edward is thrilled with his electric guitar, and Kirsty joins the cast of the Mikado.

Radio Times: Tommy cannot believe his ears.

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  • A desperate Tommy is trying every means possible to persuade Eddie to relieve him of his part in Linda’s Mikado production, but to no avail – Eddie sees himself as more of a panto man. Meanwhile, Kirsty in search of the village hall, comes across Edward who is waiting for a glimpse of Emma Carter. Phil and Jill arrive on the scene and wish Edward a happy birthday. They have evidently sent him a card, and whilst thanking them, Edward almost lets slip about Jill’s surprise birthday party next week.
  • Lynda’s at the caravan paying Eddie the last of the patio money. She is thrilled with the good job he has done – her Chi is positively flowing once more. As she is leaving a thoroughly disgruntled Edward returns, who is even more put out when he hears about the birthday tea being prepared for him. However, when Eddie produces his surprise present – the electric guitar – Edward is instantly over the moon.
  • Much to Tommy’s horror, Kirsty turns up at the Mikado rehearsal. He is further mortified when she volunteers to join the production, and auditions a verse of “Hark the herald angels”. Linda is all for casting her as Yum Yum, but Phil is not so sure. Whatever the outcome though, she is guaranteed a place in the chorus, much to Tommy’s dismay.

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