Kathy pushes divorce proceedings along, Eddie adds to the junk at Willow Farm, and Clarrie wins £250.

Radio Times: Kathy takes a hard line.

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  • Eddie has had a lorry load of compost delivered, which has been dumped right outside Mike’s cold store. Neil is not too impressed at the idea of helping Eddie to shift it, and when Mike arrives he too is extremely annoyed. Eddie promises to have it moved – but when? Later on, when Eddie and Neil are finishing off a patio in Penny Hassett – using Linda Snell’s old patio slabs, it emerges that Neil has not yet been paid for last weeks work on Linda’s own patio.
  • Kathy is meeting with Usha to discuss further her divorce procedures. Usha hints that Kathy is perhaps being a little unreasonable, both about the restrictions Kathy wishes to place upon Sid’s access to Jamie, and about the settlement figure she is seeking. Kathy however, is relentless in her bid to get what is rightfully hers.
  • In the shop, Mike is complaining bitterly to Betty about the junkyard which the Grundy’s are creating on their doorstep. When Clarrie comes into the shop for some bits and pieces for Edward’s birthday, Mike is relieved to hear that Clarrie cannot afford to buy the electric guitar Edward is after (noise as well as junk!) Kathy’s arrival brings a slight awkward silence which is broken by Clarrie winning £250 on a scratch-card. She can afford to get Edward that electric guitar after all!

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