David avoids telling Ruth about mastitis in the herd, and Roy and Hayley celebrate their new home.

Radio Times: Alistair confirms the bad news.

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  • Roy and Hayley broach the subject of getting rid of the existing furniture in the extra room Marjorie is letting them have – a dark mahogany suite. Much to their relief, Marjorie was fully expecting them to want to change it – in fact she thought it quite hideous herself.
  • Alastair confirms to David the sub-clinical mastitis in seven of the herd, although seems confident that antibiotics will cure the problem, costly though that will be. David berates himself about how upset Ruth will be, though Alastair thinks she’s more likely to be concerned about David. Later on the phone David avoids telling Ruth about the cows. Even after Ruth senses something is wrong that evening after saying goodnight to Pip, David still doesn’t come clean.
  • Sid apologies to Alastair for the scene with Kathy in the Bull a few days ago, although his apology soon turns into a general tale of woe about how bad things are at the moment. Luckily for Alastair, Roy and Hayley come into the bar to celebrate their new home. However, when Hayley happens to mention that Kathy has asked her – instead of Sid – to pick Jamie up from school tomorrow, Sid is horrified – is Kathy now not even allowing him to pick up his own son from school?

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