Tension at Bridge Farm with Helen and Kathy, plus the Brookfield cell count goes through the roof.

Radio Times: Elizabeth reveals her surprise guest.

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  • Kathy and Helen seem to be getting on much better in the shop, Helen being impressed at Kathy’s suggestion of holding an Organic Harvest cookery and tasting promotion. However, later at Bridge Farm, Helen is complaining bitterly to Pat about how Kathy and her ‘brat’ are always spending ages in the bathroom, and are generally in the way.
  • Tommy is still stringing both Kirsty and Lauren along, and Pat is not happy lying over Tommy’s whereabouts if either girl rings when he is out. Whilst Helen and Tommy fight over who gets the bathroom first, Pat assures Kathy that she is not in the way at all. Kathy meanwhile asks Pat whether she can have the job at the shop on a full time basis.
  • Whilst Phil is trying to get one of the new calves to take milk from a bucket, he and David chat about how much better Ruth is at this sort of thing. Elizabeth arrives with more news about Jill’s birthday surprise. She has managed to get a painting of Lakey Hill, and both the Adamsons’ and the Tregorran’s are coming to the party, although she’s still unsure about Kenton. Later, back at Lower Loxley, Kenton phones to say he’s got the flights all sorted and they agree to keep his arrival a secret from everybody. Once he’s over however, they both intend to sort out Elizabeth’s inheritance once and for all.
  • Phil has some bad news for David. The cell count in the milk is up to 520 with some cows registering over a million and they wonder whether it is even worth saving the worst affected cows. David blames himself, being sure this wouldn’t be happening if Ruth was in charge. He feels that he has really let her down and is dreading having to tell her the news.

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