George and Bert both end up losers at the Flower and Produce Show

Radio Times: Jack really knows his onions.

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  • It’s the day of the Flower and Produce Show, the highlight of Ambridge’s gardening calendar. Usha and Jill are talking outside the village hall. Despite a hectic week, Usha has managed to make some lemon curd and is about to take it in. Kathy arrives and, even though this is Usha’s day off, persists in asking Usha’s advice on what to do about Sid, and more importantly Jolene’s, access to Jamie. Somehow in the confusion, Usha drops her jar of lemon curd which shatters all over the village hall steps. Later on when trying to clear up the mess, Jamie appears and steps in Usha’s broken entry, getting lemon curd all over his shoes. Usha firmly tells Kathy to wait until their appointment on Wednesday to discuss her situation further.
  • Jack is busy judging the various flower and produce entries, although Peggy appears to have the casting vote in each case. They are interrupted, first by George complaining about Bert stealing his onions, then by Jamie who eats a piece of one of the cakes, and finally by Bert protesting his innocence in the great onion row.
  • At last the results are announced. Bert is extremely disgruntled that neither he nor Freda have won first prize in any category, much to George’s satisfaction (“just goes to show that crime doesn’t pay”). Even when Jack gives out the onion results, neither George or Bert win, Mike Tucker being awarded first prize.
  • Usha tries to calm the situation by saying that it’s only the flower and produce show – nothing particularly important. At this, both Bert and George, united at last, tell her in no uncertain terms that as a newcomer to the village, she clearly doesn’t appreciate that there is nothing more important than the Ambridge Flower and Produce Show!

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