David’s missing Ruth and Sid makes a terrible blunder in having Jolene collect Jamie from school.

Radio Times: Sid makes a tactical error.

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  • David’s not having a good day, a culmination of a not very good week. It starts with a calving in the middle of night – with two male calves – and he’s still missing having Ruth around. Phil, still very mindful of Grace, tries to gee him up – Ruth is getting stronger and while the chemo is hurting, it will be doing her good in the long run.
  • Sid’s feeling much chirpier, he’s been mulling over Jolene’s ideas for the function room and is going to suggest them when he meets the brewery later … meanwhile she’ll be collecting Jamie from school. When Kathy discovers this (and that she and Fallon have moved in) she’s apoplectic.
  • Alistair’s day wasn’t wonderful either. It, too, started in the Brookfield cow shed … and ended in the Bull, an unwilling party to Kathy telling Sid exactly how apoplectic she was. Having collected all his things, she announces that Jamie will not be visiting the Bull again while Jolene is living under its roof. Sid is in no mood to listen to Alistair’s protestations that she didn’t really mean it.