Tom can’t seem to shake Nanky-Poo off and Helen thanks (and apologises to) Kathy

Radio Times: Tom has trouble at the top.

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  • Phil visits daughter number two, mainly to scold her for discharging herself from hospital on the same day as her operation, but he’s pleased that she’s fit and well. They discuss Jill’s birthday and while Phil thinks she’ll be happy with the surprise party, Lizzie thinks that everyone should club together to get a good present. Although David’s suggestion of a clock and Phil’s of a vase aren’t really what she had in mind …
  • Tom’s practising for his role of Nanky-Poo and, while Phil’s putting a gloss on it, he doesn’t sound so much a wandering minstrel as a wandering cat strangler. Lynda suggests that the top-G might be a little much for him, maybe Phil could re-score that one song to help Tom out? Lynda asks Tom for a quick word and (we presume he’s putting on his lacking of singing skills) rather than ask him to leave, she wonders whether one of his girlfriends might not fill the Yum-Yum shaped hole in the cast? Tom doesn’t think so …
  • Helen (having refused Lynda’s request to by Yum-Yum on the basis that she can’t sing and as unwilling to play romantic scenes with her brother) is growing increasingly relieved to have Kathy in the shop with her. She graciously admits that she wasn’t pleased when Pat first suggested it, but she’s been proved wrong and she’s happy about that.