Hayley and Roy are offered an enlarged flat and Jolene shakes Sid out of his morose gloom.

Radio Times: Mrs Antrobus revises her offer.

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  • Roy and Hayley are struggling to find somewhere to live – but Marjorie has an answer. She suggests making a few alterations to Nightingale Farm to extend the flat, Hayley is delighted with the idea, although Roy is less sure. Marjorie, as if to allay his only fear, promises that her stair-climbing ability is rapidly diminishing …
  • Hayley offers David help while Ruth is away, but he’s got Pip sorted – she’s Daddy’s little assistant, with wages of chocolate!
  • Sid realises that he’s double-booked himself – a meeting at the brewery when he’s meant to be picking up Jamie from school. Jolene offers to pick him up instead, which Sid thinks is a great idea …
  • Jolene picks Tom’s brain over why the Bull hasn’t soaked up all the youngsters now that the Cat is no more and she suggests to Sid that they look to convert the function room into another bar, this one with a jukebox, pool tables and big TV. He’s generally morose about life (particularly as he’s returned from discussing the finances with his solicitor) but she’s having none of it. She’s not prepared to let him feel sorry for himself – if the settlement’s going to cost money, then the pub needs to be successful! Sid, at least for a moment, enthusiastically agrees and is set to throw himself into his work.