Bert denies George’s accusations and Eddie and Neil discuss business ideas.

Radio Times: Meet the “New Eddie Grundy”

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  • George is at Brookfield on the warpath, although David’s more concerned with getting Ruth ready. Lizzie’s called and Jill doesn’t think she’s taking it easy enough considering she’s going into hospital tomorrow, although she’s not planning on staying overnight.
  • Neil and Eddie put in a good day’s work with the Snell’s patio and, later in the pub, Eddie is full of potential business plans – although Neil, ever the dour, doughty type, isn’t getting carried away. Mind you, he’s not rejecting the notions either.
  • George is out and about walking off his temper. He’d confronted Bert with accusations of onion swapping and doesn’t believe the protestations of innocence.
  • Sid’s full of doom and gloom ahead of a meeting tomorrow with his solicitor to discuss the temporary financial arrangements that he needs to make with Kathy.
  • David sees Ruth off and admits to his mum that he’s had better days. But Pip’s planning on being her dad’s assistant and Jill points out a note from Ruth that she’d left on the table before she’d gone. It’s a note to David telling him how much she loves him and that she won’t be away for too long. David doesn’t need the reminder of what she means to him and vows to not let the farm degenerate while she’s away – there’d be hell to pay otherwise!