Fireworks at Joe’s birthday barn dance and Ed and Fallon transplant some onions

Radio Times: Ed and Fallon do the dirty.

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  • Clarrie’s trying to prepare food for the barn dance – and Joe’s helping by eating it. He’s happy with Eddie and Clarrie’s gift (a new pipe and some baccy) and is happier with his gift from Edward (a disposable lighter) than Eddie was to see that it wasn’t as nice as it could have been … meanwhile Edward is still hankering after an electric guitar for his birthday and looks set to be disappointed …
  • David’s enjoying his birthday, just the small family of four. He’s pleased to give Ruth and Josh a fun send off too, although he’s slightly concerned about her travelling to her parents on the train on her own, but she won’t hear of him driving her there.
  • At the barn dance everyone’s enjoying themselves. Well, Clarrie and Joe are, dancing away, although Edward’s complaining to Fallon about how embarrassing they are – and relates being told off by George for stubbing a cigarette out on a tree, just another incident in his vendetta against the the Grundys!
  • Jolene’s band are providing the music and Kathy, also there to celebrate Joe’s 79th, isn’t so pleased to see her there and storms off, unwilling to celebrate in the same room as the woman who ruined her marriage.
  • Edward has a bright idea and, with Fallon’s help, they dream up a plan … they’re in George’s onion patch and, rather than merely trashing the onions, they plan to transplant them into Bert’s patch …
  • Joe thanks Eddie and Clarrie for such a wonderful party and a wonderful birthday, all the better after the terrible last year.