Eddie’s secret is out: he plays music to contented cows.

Radio Times: David uncovers Eddie’s secret.

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  • It’s still niggling Ruth that Eddie can get a better yield from the cows than she can, indeed on the days she has ‘helped’ him the Eddie effect has been neutralized. Eddie himself turns up with the news that Sid is so annoyed with Tom about not playing cricket on Sunday that he has threatened to take his sausages off the menu.
  • Brian and Ruairidh have been plane spotting at the airport while waiting for Nigel and Elizabeth to arrive. Brian is really pleased that they have come.
  • When David brings Eddie a cup of tea, he notices that he has a CD player with Country and Western music. On the days when Ruth was with him, he either forgot it or turned it off out of politeness.
  • Brian explains it has been hard keeping up a front for Ruairidh. Bridget is punishing herself. The funeral will be an even bigger deal than usual and Ruairidh will be with Bridget and Niamh. Tim and Janet are coming. Elizabeth likes the idea of the coffin being in church all night.
  • David cannot resist teasing Ruth, claiming that Eddie’s secret is to sidle up to the cows crab-wise and she is nearly taken in. As for the real secret ingredient, Ruth would be quite happy to follow suit – but does it have to be C&W?
  • In church, Elizabeth finds it unreal – the thought that Siobhán is in that box. Nigel reminds her of happy times; she has some fabulous memories. If Jennifer will allow, she can be the best godmother ever to Ruairidh. There is so much of Siobhán in Ruairidh – that sparkle – she will never really go away.

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