Kate hears the news; Roy hears the gossip and Mike gives nothing away.

Radio Times: Kate’s illusions are shattered.

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  • Roy needs to speak to his sister in The Bull and, while he waits, is trying to pump Sid for information about Sunday’s cricket team. Brenda dashes Sid’s hopes by announcing that Tom will not be able to play. Roy confides in Brenda about his suspicion that their dad is seeing someone.
  • Kate calls from South Africa and catches Jennifer unawares. She blurts out the story. Kate takes it calmly but then she never did have a very high opinion of her father. She is sworn to secrecy.
  • Brenda thinks Roy should be happy for Mike. Sid overhears and tells them that it’s the talk of the pub – Mike and Lilian Bellamy! Roy must ask him outright.
  • When Jennifer tells Adam what she has done he urges her not to apologise when she tells Brian; it’s his mess and he should be sorting it out.
  • Roy is on hen duty when his dad looks in. No beating about the bush, he comes straight out with it. But he gets no change out of Mike, just “Ambridge, what would you do with them?” Weird!
  • Brian phones, totally absorbed in Dublin matters; he had forgotten Alice’s exam until reminded. Ruairidh is not interested in anything. Brian is not best pleased about Kate being told but any rebuke is headed off by Jennifer who is labouring to keep the place normal for Alice and makes him aware how difficult that has been.

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