Eddie’s van’s on it’s last, last legs. Pip’s broken up with Jonathan.

Radio Times: Eddie’s van bites the dust.

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  • William manages to start Eddie’s van after Eddie’s many failed attempts. Just as well, as Eddie has a load of compost to deliver to Edgeley. But the van breaks down on the way there. William helps deliver the compost and then tows the van to Doug Middleton’s for a repair. Eddie’s worried, without the van he can’t work.
  • David’s stunned by Pip’s make-up and wants her to remove it but Ruth avoids an argument by taking Pip to college for her important chemistry practical exam. On the way, Ruth happens to glean that Pip dumped Jonathan after he said he didn’t like her new look. She’s surprised Pip didn’t say and thinks there’s more to it, later telling David that maybe Jonathan not liking Pip’s new friends had something to do with it.
  • Lilian gets a call for Matt and offers to take a message. It leaves her feeling uneasy. Jennifer’s news of Lynda’s desire for chairman makes her try and persuade David to do it; Lynda will have them off-grid, cycling around in the dark, wearing nothing but llama wool. David’s too busy, suggests Lilian, and says no one will nominate Lynda. Lilian’s unconvinced, sensing Lynda’s desire for world domination.

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