Matt’s half-brother, Paul, visits Lilian. Eddie’s van is beyond all repair.

Radio Times: Lilian gets a blast from Matt’s past.

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  • Bad news from Doug Middleton, the rod’s gone through the side of the crank case and a replacement engine would be £400-500. Eddie rents a slightly whiffy wagon from Baggie but only for a few days because of the cost. He needs a reliable van for his business but how can they afford it? Clarrie tries to be positive but Eddie’s determined to be realistic, and despondent.
  • The stranger in Ambridge looking for the Dower House meets Lilian. He phoned for Matt yesterday. It’s Paul, Matt’s half-brother. He’s driven up from Watford on the spur of the moment. Mum’s got cancer and the doctor’s are giving her just a few weeks. Paul, his sister Sharon in Dubai, and black-sheep Stephen, knew they had a half-brother but it wasn’t talked about. Recently, his mum has been talking about Matt and Paul realised Matt and Lilian had visited. Paul’s been desperate to meet Matt and knowing Matt’s visited made him think he should contact Matt. So, when will he be home?
  • Lilian explains everything to Paul. She’ll update Matt when she next sees him and is sure he’ll be very happy to hear of Paul’s visit, even if it’s is bringing sad news. Paul thinks Matt’s photo looks like Mum, and Lilian thinks there are traces of her in Paul too.
  • Helen calls in on Brenda bearing a birthday present, tells Brenda Annette’s continuing with the abortion, then gets all tearful. Brenda thinks it’s the right think for Annette to do, realises Helen doesn’t, but says Annette’s going to need lots of support and Helen’s the best person to give it. Helen’s not sure she’ll be up to it, but Brenda tries to reassure her; she’ll be fine.

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