Eddie weakens but Joe is strong.

Radio Times: Joe finds Eddie’s secret stash.

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  • Ben’s party is going well, largely because Josh’s special guest, Emma, has been helping out. Brian has been trying to get in touch with David and before he dashes off to net practice David explains to Ruth that it is the Siobhán thing again.
  • Naughty Eddie! He has some beer in his van and he hopes to secure Joe’s help to bring it in and join him in a clandestine drink. Joe is not happy with this deception – or with the prospect of losing the bet.
  • At Edgbaston, Sid is finding it difficult to sit silently on the sidelines; mercifully he finds someone he recognises and goes off to talk to him.
  • After a beautiful birthday meal, at which Clarrie is proud of Eddie for not whingeing about the lack of a drink, she gets a call to baby-sit George. Eddie encourages her to go.
  • Sid has talked to an ex-player who is coaching a youth team; for the price of a couple of pints he would be willing to come to Ambridge to coach their team.
  • Eddie’s hopes are dashed: Joe will allow nothing stronger than cocoa. Enough! Eddie is resolved to go to The Bull tomorrow and take part in the wine-tasting. I see trouble ahead.

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