Brian is pre-occupied with inheritance plans but it’s Ruaridh who seems uppermost in his mind.

Radio Times: Adam suspects a conspiracy.

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  • Much to Brian’s annoyance Lilian is waiting in his office for her sister; she is clearly getting in the way somehow. Lilian is not overjoyed to learn that the wine-tasting tomorrow is on again – more temptation! She is interested to see a flier about a new pub opened by friends of Adam.
  • Eddie calls on Adam to arrange lambing shifts and also sees a copy of the pub flier. It’s where he had his first pint.
  • At the hairdressers, Lilian is too impatient to wait for Jennifer. They will meet later.
  • Adam has got wind of Brian and Debbie’s researches into options for the future of the farm and is understandably annoyed. Brian points out the potential advantages and encourages him to cost out some expansion plans for the soft fruit. He is happier but determined not to be sidelined.
  • Eddie and Lilian bump into each other in the bar of The Old Corn Mill. Both have excuses, neither believable. They leave together, thirsts unquenched.
  • Brian leaves another anxious message for Siobhán, pleading for her to get in touch; he just wants to know what is going on. Oh dear.

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