Nigel’s wine hits the bottle.

Radio Times: Nigel seeks an expert opinion.

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  • Nigel is on his way to the Winery, by cycle and train, to discuss the bottling of his wine. He is very interested to hear that Sid has cancelled the wine-tasting on Red Nose Night.
  • Ruth is amused that Josh has invited Emma to Ben’s party. Bert is having trouble with his electrics and plans to do some repairs in the Brookfield workshop – or is it an excuse to get involved in a bit of farm work.
  • Nigel is talking primary aromas and balance between sugar and acidity. The winemaker is the final arbiter of the label choice: it’s the line drawing of Lower Loxley.
  • Bert is very complimentary about David’s hedge plans. Bert’s preoccupation is walls, specifically the churchyard wall, but hasn’t Freda got a long list of jobs for him to do at home. He worries that maybe she has said something to David.
  • The final choices of bottle and cork is made and Nigel leaves the Winery with a sample bottle; the rest will follow soon. Nigel has decided to organise the wine-tasting at The Bull, not with Lower Loxley wine, but with something similar.

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