Joe tries his plan but Lilian is a match for him.

Radio Times: Joe puts temptation in Lilian’s path.

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  • Brian is still concerned about Siobhán and leaves her a message to apologise for hassling her last week and to encourage her to ring him back.
  • When Shula and Lilian ride past Keeper’s Cottage, Joe seizes the opportunity to put his plan into action. Bartleby is off his food and he would like a second opinion – not from a vet but from Lilian.
  • Jennifer is worried about Brian: he seems to have a lot on his mind. She takes the opportunity to plead Adam’s case but Brian assures her that he values Adam’s work highly.
  • True to her word, Lilian returns to look at Bartleby; he seems to have made a remarkable recovery. Perhaps Lilian would like a cup of tea while she is there.
  • Brian has been looking at holiday homes, not in South Africa but somewhere nearer – a short hop away so that they could go for a weekend.
  • After trowel-fuls of flattery, Joe suddenly develops a cough and he has the ideal cure – whisky. He would offer Lilian some but he knows she can’t, although who would know; there are only the two of them. Lilian was not born yesterday. She can see what Joe is trying to do, the sly old dog and awards him ten out of ten for effort.

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