Edward’s not really saying why he’s living in the tent and Fallon wants to stay the night …

Radio Times: When the cat’s away.

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  • Joe’s working on the trosher for the fete when he’s disturbed by Simon. Initially intent on being angry (Simon and Debbie’s interest in Grange Farm still rankles) Simon’s interest in the finer points of Spile Troshing win him a civil conversation at least. When Eddie arrives with their tea (Clarrie’s at the flat doing some washing) Simon leaves and Eddie plans to ask Edward why he’s got a sudden interest in outdoor living. Perhaps a few card games and some apple brandy will loosen his tongue?
  • Fallon visits the outdoor Edward in his bender and is impressed, later, from the luxurious confines of the village bus shelter she spies Tom (“a babe”) and reveals her plans to play off her mum and dad in the current uncertain climate. Edward, it seems, is hiding from his mate Jazzer’s brother – and claims he’s doing good in the community in his chores for Caroline, also pointing out that she’s rather “foxy” for her age!
  • Simon and Jennifer are preparing some sheep for some sort of race for the fete, before she and Brian take a walk to the river and decide that something needs to be done to the estate’s stretch of the Am – in particular some intensive coppicing to some Alders and a bit of silt-reduction might prompt some fish back.
  • As Eddie and Joe play cards with Edward, Fallon arrives on the caravan’s doorstep to ask Ed if she can sleep in his bender tonight as she’s had an argument with her mum.