All go at Brookfield as Lynda takes the Mikado in hand.

Radio Times: Phil needs his beauty sleep.

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  • Brookfield is barely coping – David’s working hard and Phil needs a little help, but Jill can’t stop either. Ruth’s still very tired and in no state to help out.
  • Eddie drops by Lynda at work (although she was “power-” napping at the reception desk) and arranges for the slate for her patio to be delivered. Meanwhile Julia, there for a birthday lunch, a day early, with Lewis reminds Lynda that she has professional experience and would be a valuable addition to the cast of the Mikado.
  • Neil’s not amused with Eddie, who’s had 200 bags of mushroom compost delivered to his land. Eddie’s sure he’ll be able to sell it – although he’s hungover and also unamused at Fallon over last night, who’d had a row with Jolene, but whom Clarrie had insisted be driven home – at one in the morning!
  • Lynda and Phil are discussing the Mikado (he’s musical director) ahead of the auditions next Tuesday. She leaves – leaving Phil and Jill shattered and needing relaxation. Phil’s just got into bed when the phone rings. It’s Lynda. Apart from fuming that the slate has been delivered into their drive, she’s phoning on David’s behalf, he’s lost his mobile, had a puncture and it’s raining – he needs a tarpaulin to cover the grain he’s just harvested, can Phil bring one out to him?