Brookfield reaches breaking point.

Radio Times: Susan brings a piece offering.

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  • Susan catches Bert first thing to ask about Pip’s ice-cream habits – she’s after a peace offering for Ruth, who appreciates the gesture. She’s feeling brighter today, although had a bad night and David’s behind through over-sleeping.
  • Usha’s enjoying the preparations for the fete, sorry, the country game fair – including winding Peggy up about having some non-competitive kids games!
  • The Brookfield baler breaks through over-loading (and David doesn’t want to hear Bert’s “I told you so”-ing. Brookfield is in a bit of a pickle, everyone’s late and rushed and generally fractious. Perversely Ruth is the freshest of the bunch, so Phil orders their dinner party with Brian and Jennifer to be cancelled and decides that the whole place is going to have an early night!