Sid offers to fire Kathy and the board vote to evict the Grundys, again.

Radio Times: The Grundys are on the agenda.

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  • Jolene’s cooking Sid breakfast and they’re wondering what to do with Fallon. She’s not looking keen on the idea of moving to the Bull and Sid remembers Lucy’s behaviour when he took up with Kathy. Although while they’re preparing to open they work well, Jolene’s not convinced that the clientele will accept her (although there’s not been much clientele recently) and, while the village is divided as it is, Sid offers to ask Kathy not to work at the Bull any more.
  • Matt’s moved the board meeting forward, telling Brian at the last minute. He makes it, though, and they discuss the Grundys. Brian is keen to let them stay, after all, as winter approaches the caravan might seem less attractive – especially where Joe is concerned. While they don’t want to be seen to be encouraging travellers, the thought of evicting them a second time doesn’t seem so attractive and the board looks set to support Brian … until he mentions their flat in Borchester. At which point the game is lost and the board vote to set the lawyers on them as soon as possible.