Ruth goes to the fête, where Eddie puts one over on the Aldridges.

Radio Times: Spile troshing provides a source of innocent merriment.

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  • Under the watchful eye of an excited Pip, the Brookfield sheep are loaded to go to the fête. Ruth decides to stay at home and rest; really she is reluctant to face so many people.
  • At the fête, Lynda is rushing about as usual between crises. Bert won’t give any tips to Eddie and Joe about the sheep race, so Joe won’t share his expertise about the unlikely sport of spile troshing. When the Home Farm sheep arrive, Eddie cannot resist directing a few jibes at their owners; Jenny rises to the remarks, Brian doesn’t.
  • Eddie agrees to look after the sheep while Bert gets a bite to eat, assuring Bert that he would not take out his grievance with the Aldridges on their animals. No, he will look after them as if they were his own; he might even give them a bit of dinner!
  • Ruth turned up after all, in time to see the football match in the Am. Usha’s team is leading with a goal by Brenda right on the half-time whistle. William later equalises but Siobhán’s team still loses.
  • Robert responds well to the invitation to “stand by your trosher” but Bert does better; he is the winner. Incredibly the Brookfield sheep romp home in the sheep race; the Home Farm team seem strangely uninterested in the bucket of nuts. More jibes from Eddie ensue but Brian is content to let Eddie have his little triumph; he reckons it will be shortlived.

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