Ruth is frustrated and snaps at Pip; Sid realises he must focus on the business.

Radio Times: Caroline has a little list.

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  • Eddie reckons that his compost is selling like hot cakes. Not quick enough for Neil though, who still feels a bit of a mug. Eddie thinks he is going to need some cash behind him, so Neil doesn’t really mind storing for a bit longer.
  • Kathy interrupts Sid’s private phone call to suggest that Jamie needs a routine, so that he knows when he will see Sid – but not when she is at the Bull!
  • Ruth is frustrated about always feeling so tired and not being able to work on the farm at such a busy time. She enjoyed the fête but it wiped her out. David tries to persuade her that her job just now is to get well quickly; the farm work is covered.
  • The Bull is very quiet when Caroline calls for a long overdue chat about their strategy for winning the Cat & Fiddle trade. Sid is not back from the Cash & Carry, Kathy is not in a mood to talk business, while Eddie and Neil explain that the empty pub is not just down to harvesting; the punters hate an atmosphere.
  • David is late home and Pip is playing up; Ruth’s fragile state is evident as she shouts at her daughter. A cow unexpectedly in labour had delayed him but David is back to soothe both wife and child.
  • While Caroline waits at the Bull for Sid, Kathy explains that she needs the job; it is her only income so she has to make it work. Clearly it is difficult enough without worrying about strategies. But Sid must focus on such things and agrees to talk to Caroline on Wednesday.

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