Elizabeth has a problem but Kathy begins to believe she has got rid of one.

Radio Times: Fallon has her suspicions.

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  • Elizabeth has a crisis; Owen has not turned up for work and there has been no word from him. She rings Kathy on the offchance that she is feeling well enough to help. But no, Kathy does not feel up to it yet and she has no idea where Owen might be.
  • Round the breakfast table at The Bull, Sid doesn’t think Jamie will see his mummy today; they will leave her to get better. Fallon reports the trouble at A Christmas Carol: someone didn’t turn up – that chef chap. Suddenly Sid feels the need to go and check on Kathy.
  • Lynda calls at Lower Loxley, also looking for Owen. She has spoken to his neighbour who saw him drive off.
  • When Sid tells her what he has done, Kathy wishes he hadn’t. She is fearful that Owen will come back but Sid assures her that he will not. He admits to have hit Owen – just once – but stops short of explaining why. If he does come back, Kathy only has to call Sid on his mobile and he can be there in 5 minutes.
  • Back at The Bull, Sid’s prolonged absence is causing some annoyance. When he returns, he explains that Kathy had not eaten since yesterday; he left Lynda with her.
  • Lynda reports that last night’s performance went really well, in spite of everything. Owen’s neighbour told her that he took a suitcase and said he was going “up north”. Kathy has no idea where.
  • As good as his word, Sid has responded to Kathy’s call. She just wanted to tell him what Lynda said; it looks as if his intervention really has worked. She also wants to thank him: she was in pieces and he came along and believed her. She is a bit tearful – but then, so is Sid.

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