Adam is let down by Debbie but Ian saves the day.

Radio Times: Susan gets creative.

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  • Adam is busy in the lambing shed and looking forward to an evening meal with Ian – a premature New Year celebration because Ian will be busy on the night. Debbie has not been very reliable of late, so Adam is hoping she will not let him down.
  • Lynda wants Neil to do some running repairs on a scenery door but, with bricklaying and bell-ringing practice, he is adamant that he has no time before tonight’s performance.
  • Ian calls Adam to report that he is running late with the meal; he is not the only one: Debbie has not turned up.
  • Backstage in the interval, Susan is nervous, especially as Neil is in the audience. He is worried about that door and agrees to fix it before the second half, though Lynda warns him he has only 10 minutes.
  • Jennifer calls Adam to report that Debbie has a stomach bug (a very quick-acting one!) and will not be coming. Great! He turns down Brian’s offer to abandon the play and relieve him: that would disappoint Alice, so there’s no sense in ruining everyone’s evening!
  • As it turns out Brian is glad he didn’t miss the second half. Neil was caught in the act of repairing the door which eventually came off. It was a farce with which Susan coped admirably and afterwards Lynda congratulated her.
  • Adam’s disappointment is tempered by Ian’s appearance. He has brought the meal in a hot box and it is waiting in the caravan. He could not let their first New Year, hopefully the first of many, go by uncelebrated.

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