A Christmas Carol reaches its successful climax; Tom looks forward to more sausages.

Radio Times: Lynda revels in her success.

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  • Susan is scrubbing up in the sausage plant, a job she does not really enjoy. Tom looks forward to the expansion when Susan will be his PA – eventually. He will redecorate and computerise everything – eventually – and get a new packer – eventually. It’s going to be a great New Year – but it’s not here yet, so for Susan the scrubbing must still be done.
  • Shula returns Josh to Brookfield. It’s a pity Pip had not wanted to go too. Ruth is still worried about her difficulty making friends at secondary school. She got on well with Kimberley; Shula thinks Oliver and Caroline had an easy introduction to foster care with her.
  • When Susan reported Tom’s plans, Neil had poured cold water on them; Clarrie sticks up for Neil and wishes Eddie were as reliable. They both look forward to New Year at The Bull, though the atmosphere there is a bit tense because Jolene is not getting much help from Sid.
  • Tom and Kirsty and most of the Archer family are at the play this evening. Helen had enjoyed it and her parents are pleased that she is coming home for New Year too. Tom finds it necessary to “rest his eyes” during the play.
  • Lynda’s half-time speech assures the cast that they are on fire tonight. Alan’s plan to nip out for a quick pint is thwarted because Lynda has something special in mind for him.
  • Three cheers! All agree that A Christmas Carol was a great success, inluding Alan’s surprise appearance as Dickens at the end. Before Lynda goes off to spend New Year with Coriander, she must find Joe; he really was Scrooge tonight – not what she said when casting!

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