New Year finds Helen in a cowshed, Sid with Kathy – and Jolene simmering.

Radio Times: Jolene’s patience is tested.

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  • Jamie now has his new bike, so Sid and Kathy are out with him until it’s nearly dark. Kathy plans a low-key evening; she will be glad to see the back of this year.
  • At The Bull there is a lot to do and Sid is not there to do it. Jolene is tetchy. Beth diagnoses suppressed rage and advises Fallon just to be there to pick up the pieces when the volcano blows. When Sid returns, Jolene suppresses her rage as he justifies his absence at such a critical time.
  • By the time the quiz is over, celebrations at The Bull seems to be getting too much for Helen. David has to pop out and check on a cow that is about to calve, so he suggests that she comes with him. Sid is also thinking of popping out! Jolene supresses her rage and calls on Fallon to cover for him – don’t ask, just do it.
  • Since Beth is so keen to experience a traditional English New Year, Ed decides to introduce her to some more customs. Suffice it to say it involves being outside, alone, together, in the dark – get the picture?
  • Helen opens up to David that it was memories of last New Year with Greg (and his row with Sonja) that have made tonight so difficult. Christmas had been OK but you never know when it will hit you. 2005 will be her first full year without him and she doesn’t know how she will manage.
  • A loud knock on her door and repeated calling of her name brings back memories of Owen, but Kathy need not worry – this time it’s Sid, come for a New Year drink so that she should not be on her own.
  • At Brookfield the calving went well. Helen’s jeans may have suffered but she enjoyed being there. David feels that a calving always gives him a bit of a lift, a feeling of hope. She knows what he means.

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