Sid offers encouragement to Kathy, and the 5-a-side tournament looks to be going places.

Radio Times: Fallon begins to lose her patience.

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  • Sid takes Jamie round to Kathy’s to play his new computer game, and Fallon’s response is distinctly cool. When Sid rings to say he’s staying on to make some lunch for Kathy and Jamie, she confronts Jolene; she must ask Sid what he’s up to. Jolene tries to brush her fears aside, but eventually admits that she’s worried about the way things are going.
  • Tom’s still looking for new butcher, but at present his thoughts are more on the 5-a-side football. Wayne Rooney (probably not, Jo, but we know who you mean!) has agreed to field a radio Borchester team, and to give the league some publicity. Tom thinks they need a strip and a proper coach; maybe they should ask Sid to come back.
  • Jazzer comes into the Bull with a major hangover. He doesn’t get much sympathy from Fallon, especially when Tom and Roy challenge him to several laps of the Green. Jazzer’s smoking gets the better of him, and he almost collapses.
  • Because Sid’s still round at Kathy’s, Roy phones him there, but Sid says he’s far too busy to coach the team. Kathy’s not really up to having Jamie back home, and hasn’t got any food in the house. Sid says he’ll take Jamie to get some basics in, then he’ll do a big shop later in the week. He tries to encourage Kathy to go back to work, but she can’t face it. She’s convinced they will all be able to tell what’s happened. Sid tries to reassure her, and says she and Jamie are his family, and are important to him. Kathy is almost speechless with gratitude.

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