Elizabeth is blaming herself for Kathy not being at work. Shula is planning a party to distract Jim!

Radio Times: Elizabeth looks for an escape route.

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  • Elizabeth has decided Kathy being away is all down to Kathy trying to punish her and nothing to do with, as Nigel suggests, her recovering from the shock. Nigel rings her but Kathy isn’t sure when she’s back. Even Elizabeth realises she is sounding mean. Nigel worries it will all cause her to overdo things too.
  • Annabelle and Matt are still talking “business”. She’s particularly interested in finding out which group it was who objected so she is off to meet the “tree loving newt huggers”! Matt tries to persuade her the time would be better spent with him but she is determined. She can’t believe Matt got where he is today by underestimating the opposition. Of course, that is an opportunity for Matt to offer her lunch to find out how things went.
  • Shula is having trouble getting rid of the turkeys so it is turkey party time at the Stables on Friday! NOW Shula is only too keen to stop Jim being nice to her and that might help. Jim has even upset Daniel by siding with Shula. The party might give him new people to aim at – including Heather who will be down by then.
  • Joe turns up to offer Nigel some tips on his shire horse but it ends up as more of a memory session. But Joe is rewarded with the chance to exercise the horse on his own.

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