The Grundy fair goes will with Shula winning 3 turkeys. Kathy remembers it is 3 years since she was raped and Kenton insists she take the next week off work.

Radio Times: The Grundys have all the fun of the fair.

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  • The Grundy fair seems to be going well. It’s good how the boys are helping out. Clarrie doesn’t seem too convinced about Nic moving in with William. Jim seems to be enjoying it but he is trying to get back into Shula’s good books – by buying her 10 strips of raffle tickets! He can’t understand why Joe and Eddie suddenly dash off when the local bobby appears. Welcome to the Grundy’s World! And to top the afternoon, Shula wins another 3 turkeys to go with the one Jim had already ordered!
  • Kathy is still trying to come to terms with the idea that people were talking about her. Kenton is amazed she is even thinking about going into work. Then at the Fair, she suddenly remembers it was three years to the day that she was raped. Kenton decides enough is enough and she is to take the next week off work.

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