Elizabeth is determined the children shouldn’t attend the funeral.

Radio Times: Vicky and Susan begin to speculate, and there are some tricky decisions to make at Lower Loxley.

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  • Elizabeth is worrying about how the children will get on at school. The school has said they will ring if there are any problems. Ruairi even helped with Freddy, he knows what it’s like to lose a parent. She is getting a bit more focussed on the funeral and has picked a wicker coffin; it’s what Nigel would have wanted. And for his last journey, his coffin will go on the wagon pulled by Cranford Crystal. Jill is shocked to hear that she doesn’t want the children at his funeral but Elizabeth doesn’t want to put the children through it. Jill protests but Elizabeth is determined. They are her children and she doesn’t want them there.
  • Vicky’s job is coming to an end with Clarrie’s plaster coming off next week. Still Pat will still be busy with Helen off and needing to visit Henry so she will still be on standby. When they are discussing Henry, Susan decides to tell Vicky that she is sure that Ian is the father; she’s never believed the story about the sperm donor. Ian and Helen have always been very close. And why else would she name the baby after him.
  • It’s Pat’s birthday so they are planning to have a meal together. Kathy is cooking and she is apparently going to stay for the meal……
  • Tom is worried. He’s booked a city break to Berlin for Brenda’s 30th birthday but there is a fly in the ointment. Vicky thinks she is planning a big surprise birthday.

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