Elizabeth is finally beginning to talk about the funeral.

Radio Times: Shula and Usha put aside their differences, while everyone is feeling the strain at Brookfield.

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  • Elizabeth is still struggling with the funeral. It’s so unreal; how can she be there planning it when they should have had years together. Usha tries to help her look at it more in the round. Forget the hymns and the bible readings, choose other things Nigel liked.
  • David is feeling guilty about spending so much time at Lower Loxley but Ruth says she can cope – Elizabeth can’t.
  • Usha and Shula have a slightly awkward meeting at Lower Loxley but Shula does make a point that Elizabeth needs her friends and might open up to her. Usha is able to tell her a few things that Elizabeth is worried about and there seems to be a bit of a thaw in their relationship.
  • David is finding the office work hard. So many e-mails and most of them don’t even realise Nigel is dead. Replying to them when they are so cheerful is heartbreaking.
  • Usha offers to help at Brookfield but really she doesn’t have the skill for unblocking drinkers. She tells Ruth that Elizabeth still looks like a ghost and as if she is sleepwalking.
  • Shula begins to help Elizabeth see her way through the funeral plans – finding a photo for the order of service etc. She suggests the twins might like to help but Elizabeth is very against that. Going back to school will be hard enough for them. She just wishes she knew what would help them.

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