The Archer clan feel collective guilt for Nigel’s death.

Radio Times: Jill tries to keep things going, but at Brookfield there is a guilty secret.

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  • Jill, concerned at Elizabeth’s inability to talk about the funeral, takes a stand. She tells Elizabeth the children should go back to school. Initially Elizabeth refuses to consider it, but realising that they need normality, and that she is clinging on to them for her own sake, Elizabeth finally agrees. Jill then suggests thinking about the funeral; it would be something she could do for Nigel.
  • Kenton calls to thank Jolene for her cards of sympathy. What he will miss is the laughs he and Nigel used to share. Jolene understands his grief, and Kenton is able to reveal his worst nightmare – that he was responsible for Nigel’s death, because it was his idea to put the banner on the roof. Jolene tells him it is no use dwelling on that. What he needs is reality. Why don’t they go for a walk up Lakey Hill?
  • Jill summons the family, telling them that they must make arrangements for the funeral. As she does so, Elizabeth comes in and tells them all to go home. She really appreciates what they have done for her, but now she and the children need some space. She has phoned Alan and the funeral is to be on Thursday.
  • A weary David returns to Brookfield, and he too is ridden with guilt. Ruth consoles him, and admits her own guilt feelings. When it happened, all she could think was ‘Thank God it was Nigel and not David.’
  • Shula makes some soup for herself and Elizabeth. She remembers her own inability to cope when Mark died. This seems to give Elizabeth the strength to start to address her feelings. She tells Shula she has no idea how to cope with the pain or how to carry on. She feels that she is falling into a black hole and is unable to stop.

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