Elizabeth is puzzled over what’s causing her insomnia.

Radio Times: Fallon’s musical dreams hit a duff note.

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  • Elizabeth’s early morning email to Lynda results in an enjoyable walk up Lakey Hill to the dawn chorus followed by Robert’s Snell Breakfast Special back at Ambridge Hall. Elizabeth still doesn’t know what’s causing the sleepless nights as she’s no more worried than normal. Lynda’s going to give Vicky some advice on being a step-mother once she’s been back from honeymoon a little while.
  • Annette tries to interest Jazzer in a drink this evening, just as friends, but he’d prefer getting lashed with some mates.
  • Fallon’s not having much success with finding a replacement guitarist for the band. If things don’t improve soon she’ll have to decide on a career other than music. Jazzer, seeing how down she is, insists on taking her somewhere posh for a meal, his treat. All arranged in front of the previously turned down Annette.

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