Matt needed the cash for a business deal the SFO won’t know about.

Radio Times: The gulf increases between Matt and Lilian.

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  • Phoebe is making Mike and Vicky a welcome home banner. Brenda’s allocated her three graduation day tickets to Roy, Dad, and Tom. Hayley understands but Roy’s worried Vicky may not.
  • Ruth’s trying to get Brookfield’s barley in. Eddie will do extra milking leaving her and David to harvest. But Adam won’t allow David to drive his combine. It’s been a long time since David’s handled one and it wasn’t as large as Adam’s. Adam says he’ll try and think of something.
  • Lilian calls on Matt. He isn’t packing but black marketeering in children’s shoes imported from India and flogged up north. He’s handed the cash to old friend Terry Green and will get it back plus profit in a few weeks. The SFO won’t know anything about it. Lilian’s unimpressed. With no paper trail Matt won’t have any recourse on a reneging Terry and could lose their investment. Worse, if the SFO find out he’ll get a longer sentence.
  • Matt tries to explain it’s like it used to be when he started out. He’s always taken risks and is good at it. It descends into a row: Lilian was always trying to mould him; she and Jennifer could just marry money and didn’t have to build it up from nothing. Lilian thinks he’s addicted to the risk, like a gambler, and says she’s closing their joint account. She says goodbye and Matt’s tells her to look after herself.

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