Jack has a memorable birthday. Lilian finds Matt’s emptied the joint account.

Radio Times: Lilian’s finances go astray.

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  • It’s Jack’s 90th birthday, although he keeps forgetting, and lots of people are dropping in on the party.
  • Adam’s captaincy of the cricket team goes well, beating Darrington. Jim’s singing his praises, presumably as a means of criticising Alistair. David’s upset though, a staff shortage means Adam won’t harvest Brookfield’s barley until next week even though it’s ready now and the weather may not hold. Twas ever thus.
  • The big present of the day, a bronze of a Staffordshire bull terrier, gets a confused reaction from Jack, who wonders who Captain was. He recovers by asking Peggy to dance.
  • Lilian tells Jenny she’s found Matt’s emptied the joint account. First flogging the Petreuse, now this. Jennifer admits to knowing he may have been selling paintings too. Lilian can’t fathom why. (Surely she must have done a moonlight flit or two in her time?) She’s going to have to ask him, face to face.

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